Bing Webmaster Tool SEO Analyzer Highlights SEO Issues in Your Page


Webmasters must know about the Google Webmaster tool that will help their website to analyze on search results and improve your site to find out on what areas to expand on your website. Similar to Google webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tool also offers pretty nice tools like SEO Analyzer, Link explorer, markup validator and keyword research tool.

Getting traffic to your website starts with being listed in the search results. So Bing webmaster tools help you to get started. It helps you to understand what lead people to your website and how to focus on to increase traffic etc. Based on the reports generated, you can make changes to your website.

One such tool is SEO Analyzer. The Bing webmaster tool SEO Analyzer will help you to see if your pages are following the best SEO practices. It will highlight the On-page SEO issues on your website and provides recommendation how to fix them.

Many ignore the Bing webmaster tool, but believe me it has more potential. The interface is cleaner and much easier to export data. Coming back to SEO Analyzer, once you’ve added your website in Bing webmaster tool and verified, the SEO analyzer tool sends you weekly report on your On-page SEO issues with the recommendations to fix them.

It clearly points out the exact SEO mistake that you’ve made and also severity of the SEO issue. Here I find no reason not to use this tool. This is must use for every webmaster. You should give it a try.

Along with it, also try other tools like Link explorer, keyword research etc.

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