Auto Tube Pro Plugin: Add YouTube Videos to Your Content to Reduce Bounce Rate


The bounce rate can have a drastic effect in success of your blog. The main power behind a high conversion rate and low bounce rate of the best websites is their content.Auto Tube Pro is a WordPress plugin that adds YouTube videos automatically to your blog posts.

Auto Tube Pro WordPress Plugin adds videos to all your blog posts in just three clicks. It has ability to add videos to old and new blog posts. You may ask what the use of this WP plugin. It can boost your conversion, increase CTR and improves visitor retention. You don’t have to complicate yourself. The plugin is very simple to use and does a very simple task which is amazing. It gives a new perspective to your blog post by adding related videos to the content from or specific from your YouTube Channel.

For example: If you write about Canon 550D DSLR, use this plugin and set the keyword “Canon 550D DSLR”. It embeds YouTube videos related to Canon 550D DSLR. If you have videos uploaded related to Canon 550D in your YouTube channel, it grabs them and displays in your blog post. Else, it embeds the
top and relevant video for that keyword.

Now you’ve got an idea how this plugin works. Why should you use this plugin? Again it adds more value to your content and gives a lower bounce rate. This is like providing your visitors with more information. You don’t have to spend more time researching videos and adding it. The plugin does all the work automatically. It adds videos automatically to all your old and new blog posts based on the keywords.

Now let’s come to the working part of this plugin. You can download the plugin and install it from your WordPress dashboard. Once you’ve installed you can go the Auto tube pro settings on the left panel. The settings allow you to set up the plugin in two methods. One is completely automatic. It auto embeds YouTube videos into your blog post based on the relevant content. Second method is adding videos using short codes in blog post.

First let’s check out the Automatic method: In the settings panel, configure the mode to Auto add videos to blog post. This allows you to specify the video position to above the post, below or manual and also alignment to center, right or left of the blog post.

Then you can configure the video size that you want to display on the blog post page. This can be based on your theme design. Also you set the categories to post video. If you want to add multiple categories, then use the Shift button to select it.

The plugin also provides an option to add banner ads below every video in the post. It provides an area to fill up with ad code below the video. Use this space to add affiliate or banner ads. Finally you have two options to take the video from. If you want to display the videos from your own
channel, use the channel name and select “use above channel” option below it. If not, simply enter the YouTube channel and uncheck the option ‘Use above channel’. If you un-check this option, it gets the relevant top video from the If you check this option, then it shows relevant videos only from your channel. It updates old posts too.

Now the second option is adding videos by short codes in the blog post. This one is like a semi-automatic mode with great control on the video keywords and it can be used seamlessly within any portions of your blog posts. If you select the mode to ‘Short codes in blog post’, you can find a small YouTube icon in your WordPress editor. Once you’re done with the title and content of your blog post, click the icon to add videos based on the specified keyword.

This option displays top relevant videos based on your keyword. If you’re using it on your blog and if you happen to come across this scenario where you’ve used Auto mode and all your old blog posts is being added with videos and if you want to remove all the videos from old post, simply change the setting mode to Short codes in blog post. It will remove the videos which are added automatically.

Auto Tube Pro lite free version can be downloaded at

The full version which is paid can also be downloaded with developer rights.

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  1. David Fox says:

    Thank you for the post, I will bookmark your site. I have yet to get the lite version to properly load a video within my post, but I am reviewing the settings for possible glitches. I may also have a conflicting plugin or two. I reviewed the website of another blogger that had purchased the full version though. I did notice java script errors and terribly slow page load times, but this person may have configured the plugin improperly.

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