18 Annoying Social Media Updates to Avoid


Just a random thought struck me this morning. The title says it all, annoying things that people update on social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc. I should accept that I’m one among them. The points that I would like to mention it below are only few things that I notice daily while using Facebook, Twitter and other social media things. For some it may be annoying, many love it actually.

Some of the points that have been mentioned below come after realization of few annoying communications that I had made in the past. So it’s much better to avoid the annoying stuff on social media. Remember, you have got an offline life too.

1. Don’t fake numbers. Be it friends count, subscribers list, followers, fan page, etc. Just to increase and show off the numbers, don’t add people. If you believe in true networking, connect with the like-minded ones.

2. Don’t ping me on chat or Personal Message to like your Facebook page. If your content attracts me, I will like it before you say.

3. If someone follows you, don’t send them Auto DM’s on twitter with your product link to buy etc. Or sending them some affiliate spam link, make money link is absolutely annoying. Instead, you can use Auto DM to start the conversation politely.

4. When someone wishes you in Facebook on your birthday, don’t use Happy Birthday apps to reply them. Do not automate the thank you process. There are apps to send birthday wishes to your Facebook friends automatically and also apps to reply thank you to the birthday wishes.

5. Sharing Klout scores.

6. Photo overdose. Instagramming everything you see is not cool. Especially Food pics when you’re hungry.

7. Retweeting all the #FF that you get. I understand buddy, you’re world famous. But don’t RT all those #FF
(Follow Friday) mentions that you get.

8. Auto posting your blog post link every hour.

9. Too much of Foursquare check ins.

10. Why do you CC me in every tweet or update of yours?

11. Again updating the status on Facebook or Twitter of what you do. I mean it; do people take it seriously of “What’s on your mind”?

12. If you want to friend me on Facebook, then you need to respond to my personal messages.

13. I hate “Would you endorse me?” recommendation request on LinkedIn. This is similar to begging “Like my Facebook page please”.

14. Don’t shorten my name. If you’re contacting me via Email and if you don’t have any idea about my name then it’s irritating when I see my name shortened and sounds funny.

15. This one is on the top. Tagging in Facebook photos.

16. Also tagging you on photos and updates just to get you to read them.

17. Recently, adding you to N number of Facebook groups and spamming your notifications.

18. Stop hitting “Reply to all” feature in Emails. No fun.

Now it’s your turn to complain. If you’ve faced social media annoyances, do share it with me. You can use the comments section below to write your views.

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