15 Best Gmail Apps and Plugins for Productivity


I usually send lot of emails, especially ones that are pitch, sales, deals related etc. Also scheduling emails on Gmail will save my time. Only when I send an email at the right time across geographical locations, my email gets noticed and more chances of quick reply.

As an Internet marketer, for daily tasks I use certain third party apps which are combined with my Gmail and also built in Gmail labs feature. Certain labs feature on Gmail such as Canned Reponses, Inserting a picture in the body of email instead of attaching, smart labels, a real life saver *Undo Send* feature and more.

Apart from these lists of Gmail labs, what other applications are you using on Gmail for email management, social contacts and for productivity?

Task Force app

It will convert your emails into tasks, so you can save time and stay organized. You can access this via mobile too.

Boomerang for Email

How can one not know about Boomerang for Gmail? It helps you to schedule your email messages for future date and time. Also, you can track responses to your email and get a a remainder if you don’t get a reply.


It shows everything about your contacts, their social profiles twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Right inside your email inbox, you can find their locations if they’re nearby. It pretty much shows all the information about the sender.

Snooze Gmail

It acts as an email reminder. Install the plugin and snooze a particular email if you think you might miss replying it. You can set the snooze time and it will send you a reminder later or you can have them as unread later depending on your options. You can set snooze time for couple of hours or days.


This allows you to save your attachments directly to the cloud. Currently Gmail allows you to save your attachments to your computer or preview it directly using Google docs. But attachments.me plugin comes handy when you’re running out of space on Gmail. Similarly another Google drive plugin allows you to save attachments directly to your Google drive. Google drive offers enough space.

Find Big Email

This app allows you to find large emails occupying your inbox with some unwanted space. So once it finds large emails, you can manually clear them off and save some space on Gmail. It comes handy when you used up almost all of the space on Gmail.


Sanebox is a mix up of Attachments.me, Snooze Gmail and Priority feature in Gmail. It manages your inbox perfectly by keeping them organized. It filters and summarized unimportant message automatically. It works anywhere on Gmail, Google apps, Outlook, Exchange, Android, iPhone etc.


It helps you to get rid of unwanted newsletters and email subscriptions. You can easily end unwanted subscriptions and rollup the rest into an organized view. It is pretty cool and brilliant tool available for Gmail. Everyone must try it out.

Gmail Offline

Gmail offline access allows you to read, respond to, searched and archived email messages. It automatically synchronizes and queue actions to take place when the internet connection is available. Once the plugin is installed, it archives all the email messages offline. Then with a browser restart, you can access all your emails offline.


ActiveInbox helps integrating task management tools with your Gmail Inbox. It can manage email tasks entirely with Gmail and other management tools.


If you’re on Google apps, try Grexit. It helps you share gmail labels with your colleagues. It turns into a simple and powerful collaboration tool.


It finds all the duplicate contacts in your Gmail contacts and cleans up. It can scan and remove all duplicate contacts from Outlook, Mac, Gmail and Google apps address books. Resolve conflicting phone numbers & address, formatting errors and finally backup your address book.


Yesware is for sales people. It is really useful for tracking emails, creating templates across teams and easy sync to CRM. You can find out who opens your emails and clicks on your links.

Banana Tag

Banana tag is similar like Yesware. It can track emails, set smart notifications and shows other email metrics. A smart notification helps you to see exactly what a contact did with your email. With email metrics you can define your success and failure and plan the strategies according to it.

Notes for Gmail

The name itself explains it. A great help for daily routine. It offers a seamless way to add sticky notes to your emails, folders and inbox etc.

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  1. great list, Have added to my network. Trying yesware. Added to gmail. Let me see how it works. But it slows down gmail .More interested in the tracking part of it. Added to a list here :- http://joywebservices.com/top-gmail-tools/

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