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For the security of the blog, frequent and automatic backups of WordPress files and database is very important. Previously I had told you about WordPress database backup plugin that backup WordPress database to Dropbox automatically. Similarly, after the launch of Google drive (dropbox alternative cloud storage) it has got a new extension in the WordPress repository.

One of the best solution to Online backup for WordPress, automatically backup your WordPress files and MySQL database from your WordPress dashboard to Google drive using this plugin. The plugin provides a WordPress MySQL backup with Google drive. The Google drive offers 5 GB of free space with every Google account. When you backup your WordPress files along with the database to Google drive, all your files are zipped and backups are done in zip archives. They are created locally and uploaded to a folder of your choosing on Google Drive.

Go to the plugin page and install the plugin. Login to your WordPress dashboard and find the configure option in the left side. First you need to create the Google API console to setup the plugin to take backups automatically to your Google drive. So click configure > click the link and create a new API project. Enter the name for your project and click create.

Now get the API access. On the left options in the Google API console page, click the API access and create an oAuth 2.0 Client ID. Enter the product name and your website URL (which you see in the configure of your WP dashboard) to get the Client ID. Now you get the Client ID for your web application that you had created in Google API console.

Enter the Client ID and Client Secret code in your configure option inside WP dashboard. Finally click allow access. Once you’ve allowed it to authorize with your Google account, your configuration was successful. Now you get manage database backups and settings.

In the backup settings you can enter the backup folder name, backup schedule set the time interval. You can manage your database from the dashboard by selecting which files that you want to backup. If you need you can exclude certain database tables etc. Similarly you can also exclude certain WordPress files if you want. Always backup database completely and theme files alone. Plugin and other WordPress general files can be downloaded from the server anytime.

WordPress Backup to Google Drive Plugin

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