WordPress Website Owners Checklist That Makes Life Easier


If you do an online business, own a WordPress website ? then for any online business website information like login details, database information are like driving license, social security cards in real world. Similar to how you keep your identity proofs ready when needed, you should have your website information ready. Recently found this useful article in copyblogger that had a PDF for WordPress website owner emergency checklist. It’s a emergency checklist that makes your life as a website owner so much easier.

Situations like when you want to fix a bug or change the hosting, you must have certain details about the website ready to make the changes. Or when your site gets hacked, you cannot get information by logging into it. So before in advance if you have the website login/database details, you can easily find a way to fix it. This emergency checklist deals with the website login and database information. This PDF checklist is a must have for every website owner.

This emergency checklist is like a birth certificate with every details about your website. If you know how to get the database information and login details, then you can directly use this checklist to fillup and save it. Or if you had already hired a developer, get them signed on this PDF with all the details.

WordPress Website Owners Checklist

It contains information such as your website name, domain registrar, DNS, Hosting information such as FTP details, hostname, password, WordPress login id, password, database information like phpMyAdmin password, username, DB name, IP address A records, nameservers, MX records etc.

This pdf will not allow you to save it for a security purpose, it is designed that way. So what should you do ? Go old school way. Fill out the PDF checklist and print it out or print out blank and fill it by hand. Keep the print out in a safe place. Always backup at two places. One at your home and other in a cloud storage. If you want it on your PC, screenshot it and backup in your dropbox or cloud storage, so you can retrieve it anytime and anywhere.

Some day you will need all this information, so make use of this WordPress website owner checklist. You can download it from here.

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