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You can turn your laptop into a wifi hotspot easily. What is the use of transforming your laptop into a wireless terminal ? If you have a broadband internet connection and a WiFi modem, then you can connect number of devices directly, but say if you’re using a 3G dongle to connect to the internet via laptop, how do you allow others to share your internet connection ? The only way is to turn your laptop into a WiFi modem. So other devices like a smartphone, tablet or ipad touch can connect to it.

My Public WiFi is a simple free software that turns your laptop/PC into a Wi-Fi wireless access point. If you need a temporary wireless access point at a restaurant, coffee shop or at a hotel room you can easily set up. You can customize the program to your use. You can restrict certain programs from accessing the wifi hotspot, you can restrict users to specific servers etc.

My Public WIFI configures itself in seconds, you just have to type a network name that suits you then put a password that will be used for different devices to connect to the network. My Public WiFi allows you to record and track all visited url pages on your virtual WIFI-Hotspot.

You can use this software when you’re using 3G dongle to share the internet or if you have broadband, you can use this as a repeater. Just an another device to connect devices. Already your Wifi modem will allow devices to directly connect to internet, if you want you can use My Public WiFi as a repeater.

Once you’ve installed the software which is free you can open it. The clients tab will list out the connections and allows you to see who is connected to your network. The management tab allows you to secure your access point.

It has a in-built firewall that blocks certain programs like P2P applications like torrent etc. So the client user cannot use such programs to connect your internet and use the data.

Major advantage of My Public Wifi software is, it allows you to track and visit all the websites and URLs visited by your clients or whom connected to your internet using My Public Wifi. You can find all the pages visited by your guests or clients. But that is against the freedom and respect for privacy.

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  1. I heard first time about My Public WiFi. Now I can easily connect my tablet to the laptop using this software. Thanks for sharing.

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