Send To Imgur Image Hosting Desktop App: MyImgur


Imgur is a one of the biggest image hosting website in the web. Almost all the viral images on reddit are hosted in Imgur. Previously I had written about Imgur send to imgur right click extension for Chrome & Firefox. Also you can upload photos to imgur just by drag and drop. Along with these, today we have got small portable software that is the only desktop Imgur app allows uploading photos to Imgur. Imgur is a free hosting site, so create an account now.

MyImgur is small free portable software that allows you to send photos from your desktop to Imgur. You don’t have to open browser, sign in and upload pictures. From your desktop you drag and drop images to the software.

Using MyImgur you can take screenshots and instantly share it on Imgur. Imgur, once image is uploaded it displays sharing codes to post in forums, direct image link, social sharing etc.

The one click screenshot feature can capture your entire screen or specific areas of your screen and send them to Imgur for sharing. You can also batch upload to imgur just by drag and drop images into the interface.

This portable software also provides context menu right click on image > send to imgur, batch uploads, adjust picture quality or size for faster uploads, all the screen captures will be saved in high quality PNG images, you can paste images directly from clipboard, hotkeys for quick works, it keeps log of all your uploads etc.

Download MyImgur [Portable software]

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