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You may have questions like what files should I backup? Why to use third party software when Chrome by default syncs everything to your account on the cloud? Many times we throttle our browsers to the maximum by adding lot of tabs, speed dials, addons, settings, bookmarks, skins, toolbars, apps and more. At some point of time, when it can’t hold and crashes, only some part of the settings and stuff can only be restored.

If you don’t want to miss out any of your stuff, then Browser backup Pro is the solution. It does a complete backup of your browser. Be it Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari. The application is free and works almost on all major browsers. It takes a backup on your hard drive or you can automate to backup on your FTP server.

It allows you to save and restore your browser settings including Favorites, cookies, extensions, passwords, preferences, search engine history, skins, speed dials, notes, sessions, plugins  and more. You can even choose the compression rate of backup and protect it with a password. It requires .NET framework for use.

The easy user interface helps anyone to back up easily. All your backups are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data. It even supports Chromium.

You can save the backup anywhere, even to your external devices. It is very easy to use. Install the software, select the browser, and select things you need to backup such as bookmarks, extensions, passwords and stuff. Then enter the location of the backup and there you go. It will be saved in .BFF format that can be opened up with Browser backup.

If you create an account, you can save it directly to cloud backup. Pretty simple and useful. No harm in trying it out.

Download Browser Backup Pro

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