Pinterest Style YouTube Videos Aggregator


There are many Youtube video aggregators on the web, this one is slightly different. Y’all might have known about pinterest, a visual board that allows you to pin your favorites on the web. Either videos, links or images you can pin anything on your pinterest board. The highlight of pinterest is the user interface. Something unique and stylish. Similar to the Pinterest UX, a Youtube video aggregator or Pinterest for YouTube videos ‘Pintubest’ web app is so cool.

Pintubest is the pinterest for youtube videos, it allows you to pin youtube videos, find interesting videos and also you can login with your pinterest id to easily integrate videos on it using keywords. You can use this app Pintubest as a youtube search engine to find various songs.

Once you’ve logged into Pintubest with your pinterest ID, you can search for videos, pin videos to your pinterest board with one click. Nothing much to explain, just another fun app to use!


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