Add Custom Menu in Windows To Launch Your Favorite Programs


Previously I had written about Free launch portable program that allows you to organize all your installed programs and quickly launch them with single click. Similarly today we have Quick pop menu, a small free utility that lets you create a custom menu to launch your favorite programs with one click.

Once you’ve installed Quick pop menu, you can launch a list of program shortcuts with your favorite hot-key. After installation, it will create a folder called Shortcuts. What you need to do is, you should drop all your shortcut files from your desktop to the folder. You can create sub-folders by organizing them based on the apps.

For example : All multimedia players can be put in one folder, if you’ve installed various browsers then group them under one folder. Then, simply call the menu by pressing Control + Middle Click. The key combinations can be changed via the tray menu –> Settings –> “Set Hot-key”.

If you don’t want to put the shortcuts in folders, you can simply place it on the main folder ‘Shortcuts’. Its a portable program, so no installation is required. For 32-bit environment users to use the file in the 32bit folder and for 64-bit environment to use the file in the 64bit folder.

Download Quick Pop Menu

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