Manage Your Online Privacy and Security on Web with PrivacyFix


This extension is definitely worth the download. If you’re already using Do Not Track Plus on Mac or browser extension for Chrome & Firefox, then this extension works similarly. It will stop ad and social networks from secretly tracking your every move. Not only social networks like Google+ and Facebook, it adds 1000 other sites to its database that shows what data of yours is being sold or lacks the privacy and security online.

Ad companies and social networks are tracking everything you do on the web. They know what sites you visit, when you visit them and how often you do and they know who you are. This tracking basically works only when you allow your browser cookies. So, PrivacyFix is the extension that we are going to talk about today. It can disable cookies from over 1,000 websites.

It analyzes the website and data information that are transferred. To the orange light, you should keep an eye on the items highlighted. Green can be safe. Once the extension is installed, it offers a wealth of information about your data and settings to manage your privacy.

Managing your privacy means, you can choose to limit who can see and find your Facebook profile and activity, including games and apps. You can stop Facebook from collecting data about you on other sites.

Other privacy stuff that you can manage such as if you don’t want to index your profile on Google, the apps that you don’t want to be shared with your friends, etc. Majorly it shows Facebook & Google+ for privacy errors. If you want other sites, then click next to move on. It offers more than 100 advertising websites to manage your privacy.

Finally, set up by turning on the health bar. It will show the health of each website that you visit in your browser.

Try PrivacyFix. It has browser extensions for Chrome & Firefox.

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