How to Appear In the Top Results In Google Search?


If you want to raise your status of Digital identity, then when someone types your name/your company, it should appear in the top results of Google search. It is very important component of one’s identity. It decides the future career, because recruiters learn about a candidate through Google and social networking sites. Google is your first impression.

In the previous, I had written an article about Hire an employee or how to find a job using social media? In this article, discussed about opportunities on LinkedIn to find a job and how recruiters use LinkedIn and other social media networks to do a background check on employees.

To have a strong online presence, it is must to appear on the search results first page. 1 billion names are searched in Google every day. That means, like it or not, you’ve been Googled at some point by an employer or client. Why would I stress that you should appear on the top results? Because 94% of people only look at the first page of Google results, if you want to make a first impression you need to make sure your first page looks good.

When a startup conducted a survey on this issue, found that only 2% of people actually own their entire first page of Google. One should make sure they sign up with LinkedIn and complete the profile with details. Because, when people search for names, LinkedIn shows up first.

The survey also displays that only half of the people own their first result which is very important. 1 in 4 has no positive content at all on their first page to help their reputation. 15% have at least one negative result on their first page that damages their reputation.

So what should one do to look better in Google?

1. Choose your profiles wisely, not all profiles are created equal.

2. If you have a personal website, it’s great.

3. LinkedIn is king. It ranks higher than other profiles on social networks.

4. Facebook, Twitter comes below it.

5. WordPress blogs are also great way to show your skill set. Includes tumblr & blogger.

6. If you create video content, then strong profile on YouTube as well on Vimeo.

7. YouTube is more popular, but Vimeo profiles rank higher.

8. pages are very important. Don’t ignore.

9. is one of the best personal page builder, ranks higher.

10. If you’re a photographer, want to display photos – then don’t choose anything other than Flickr to host your photos.

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