Flash Video Not Working on Google Chrome? Fix Chrome Shockwave Flash Issues


Sometimes when you load a video aggregator site that has lots of videos displayed on the homepage with a thumbnail that shows clips of videos when moving your mouse hover it. When you visit such heavy websites using your chrome browser, you may find shockwave flash problems in chrome. Either flash crashing the chrome browser or you get the annoying message – Shockwave Flash has crashed.

This is mainly because of the Adobe Shockwave Flash plugin for the browser. This is the most annoying one because it just freezes the whole tab and ruins your browsing experiences. To fix this, I have a simple solution.

In your chrome browser, type About:plugins in your browser address bar. It will list out the list of plugins that you’ve installed. If you see Flash (2 files) then it is understood that you’ve installed it two times. On the right side of same window, you can find Details. Click the + button to expand and show some details of it.

Now you need to disable one flash plugin. You should disable the one which is installed in the chrome app data folder. The location something like C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome …

Restart the browser for the changes to take effect. Mostly this will fix the problems that you’re facing because of Shockwave flash issues.

Still, if you find problems. Then you can download shockwave flash uninstaller and then reinstall it freshly. Or Test shockwave flash player installation.

Some of the basic fixing includes, clearing your browser cookies etc.

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