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I am not sure how many of you have observed when landing on a web page; it shows a small popup window with a Facebook like box asking us to like the page. As a blogger, you want to set up a similar one in your blog? To display a Facebook like box widget to the readers who open your websites? Here is a WordPress plugin that will help you to accomplish the task.

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display the Facebook like box widget in a small popup window before the page fully loads. It has a close option, so leaving it to the visitor’s choice whether to like the page or not. The likebox widget is displayed inside a lightbox interface.

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Once you’ve installed the WordPress plugin, it gives you the option to set the display of Facebook likebox on page load with or without time delay. For example: if you don’t want to annoy your visitors who come to your website for information, with a time set delay you can show the popup widget displaying in a lightbox interface.

Based on your Analytics data, you can find out the average amount of time spent by a user on the website. So based on this time, you can set the time delay for the plugin to display the widget.

You can also limit the lightbox to once every x days per individual visitors. Installation and configuring it is very easy. No API key is needed. You just need the Facebook Fan page ID. If you’re using a vanity URL username, then here is a trick to find your Facebook ID.

Go to Graph.Facebook.com/MadrasGeek (here replace “MadrasGeek” with your fan page vanity username)

It displays a few lines of code. In that you can find the ID: 456783445678567 some random numbers. That’s your Facebook page ID.

Note it down and enter it in the plugin settings interface on your WordPress admin dashboard.

Finally save the changes. Check your website.

Download & Try the plugin – Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

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  1. Are there any stats available about this plugin’s CTR like how much “likes” are made per 1000 impressions ?

    Any idea ?

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