Complete Android Backup to Cloud Service – G Cloud Backup


If you’re looking for a complete android backup solution, there are few ways. I had told enough about why you should backup your android data, also backup android before root or factory reset. Also never worry about losing your android phone; because once you’ve backed up your android data on cloud services, then you can retrieve it from anywhere, anytime.

Today we are going to learn how to back up android contacts, backup SMS, apps, bookmarks, emails and almost everything. You don’t need rooted android device to use this app. From the genie9 solutions, G Cloud backup is your one stop solution to backup android completely. The app allows you to take a backup of your android phone to cloud service where you can retrieve them anytime. Even if your phone is lost, get the new phone and restore all the data from the old phone.

Learn How to Backup Android Email Accounts and Settings

It’s a one in all App; long gone are the days you need a 4 or 5 Apps to back up your entire phone’s data (Contacts, call logs, SMS, Bookmarks, Settings, Pictures, Videos and Music). G Cloud does it all. It offers 1 GB free backup (enough for most people), and the upgrade is incredibly cheap; $0.99/ 10 GB per month and highly competitive unlimited plans. No Android App can compete with that.

The app runs silently in the background on a daily basis making sure all your important data is backed up. The app will backup data when the phone battery is normal and when it has a strong Wi-Fi connection.

If you lost your device; simply go buy any Android device, install G Cloud, and it will detect it’s a new device hence restoring everything as if nothing happened. It’s perfect for an upgrade; no hassle of moving all your data from your old Android to your new one with G Cloud. (Android backup to cloud)

Wondering where your backups are stored? Don’t worry; it’s safe in the Amazon S3 cloud storage. It can backup external SD cards too. You can schedule for daily backup, backup over Wi-Fi only or 3G etc.

Backup Android Calendar, SMS, Contacts

Android Backup App – G Cloud backup

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