25 Best Free Apps for Android Tablets 2012


Previously I listed out 25 best free apps for iPhone, iPad 2012. Now it’s time for droid users. The number of apps in Google play store is huge. How to pick the best ones on various categories that we use on day to day activities like listening music, reading news, finding places etc. Here I am going to list out the best free essential apps for android tablets 2012. Not all the apps in the Play store will look good in your tablet device, certain apps are specially developed for tablet interface. The UX of the app will suit more for your android tablet device. Here is the list follows ..

Official Facebook app

It allows you to browse your Facebook, share photos, videos, instant notification, have group chats, play games etc.

FriendCaster for Facebook

If you find the official facebook app to be buggy and notification lag, then try Friendcaster for facebook. I had already reviewed Friendcaster for android, you can read it here.

Official Twitter

The official twitter app that looks good in the tablet devices. It organizes all your tweets and just by swiping the tweet you get options to Retweet, reply, favorite, etc.

Tweetcaster / Hootsuite / Plume

If you don’t like the official apps for tweeting, you can always try third party twitter apps. Some of my favorites are Plume, Tweetcaster and Hootsuite. Tweetcaster has been downloaded over 6 million times. If you find people annoying, without unfollowing you can simply zip their tweets. Enhanced widget on homescreen, facebook integration, schedule tweets, themes makes tweetcaster more special.

Hootsuite has been around for a while. Manage multiple social accounts within one app. Manages multiple twitter, facebook, linkedin and foursquare accounts. Simple interface, elegant and powerful tool you should try.

Plume for android is the must try app on tablet devices. Supports multiple twitter accounts, swipe scrolling, powerful customization, mute twitter users and more.


To read all your ebooks, Kindle for android is what you need. You don’t need to own a kindle to read all those kindle books. You can choose from million kindle books from the kindle store and read it on your android tablet devices.


I don’t have to explain much about Skype for android.


One of the popular iOS apps that has come to android and doing well. Photo freaks must have Instagram for its beautiful photo filter effects.

Cartoon Camera

Apart from Instagram, I love cartoon camera. It has around 12 cartoon effects and it gives you real time cartoon effect. You can save images in one touch. Simple, paint your life with cartoon camera.

Pulse News

Beautiful UX, makes reading fun and engaging. Pulse news app allows you to read your favorite magazine, blogs, websites in a beautiful interface. Just intergrate your Google RSS reader with Pulse and there you go.

Google RSS / Google Currents

You can use official Google RSS reader app on your tablet device or you can use Google currents. Currents deliver magazine style reading experience on your tablet device. It supports popular publishers like forbes, techcrunch, guardian etc.


Another popular app that allows you to save notes. Text and audio notes can be saved, organized and sync across devices and platforms. Best note taking app, highly recommend it.

Photoshop Express

For basic image editing and photo retouching. Photoshop to the rescue!


For people who find Photoshop difficult to use, try skitch. Easy and fun app to edit, scribble and save your photos.

MX Player

Best than the stock audio/video player on android devices. Try out!


Do I have to tell you about dropbox ? Go install it and sync all your files in the cloud across devices.

Google Drive

Best alternative to dropbox for cloud storage.


Formerly read it later. If you find any interesting links on the web and want to save it for reading it later, simply use this app to send articles and information on the web to read it later. It syncs to your phone, tablet and computer. So from where ever you send it, you can read it from your phone or tablet or PC.

Draw Something

The most popular social drawing and guessing game on Android!

Angry Birds

How can the list end without angry birds for android ? Infact, many of the device manufacturers sold their android devices by marketing in the name of Angry birds game. So popular and interesting one. You have HD version of the game specially developed for tablet devices.

Bad Piggies

The new child from the creators of Angry birds game. Superb game, you should try it.

Temple Run

Addicitive, mega hit game on iOS platform – now on android devices. Temple run – run for your life. On your way, pick coins, collect points, buy powers, unlock new characters etc.

Crazy Bike Race

For friends who love racing game, this android game is crazy. The Crazy Bike Race.

My Fitness Pal

For fitness freaks, a must have on your tablet devices. The app has the largest food database over 2,000,000 food items with their calories. Start your diet plan now.


The world’s fastest, most accurate music identification app. Just humm a song to identify it. Or name tunes playing from a speaker in as little as four seconds, it finds the song.


Finally, blog from your tablet device. Install WordPress for android.

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