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Usually when you install applications on Facebook, that is when you allow some apps to authorize your facebook profile to use it, you don’t check/read what exactly the app collects data from your profile. Few apps collect all personal sensitive data’s such as contacts, phone numbers, etc. How to find out whether the Facebook app is secure and what information it collects. Do we actually have a reputation kind of stuff for each Facebook app?, a privacy protection firm has launched App Advisor – a web portal that lists out all the Facebook apps with the reputation and details. It protects Facebook users from accessing very poor reputation apps. If you install the App Advisor it will display signs of poor, average and good reputation marks on Facebook apps. Therefore prevent if an application is reliable or not in terms of use of our personal data.

Currently it analyzes more than 500,000 Facebook apps and serves more than 50 million Facebook users. It is one of the biggest App security network in the world. Just go to and you can find details about each app. Below I provide you with some screenshots.

So before you allow access to Facebook apps, you can get the review about the app here on Apps advisor or if you install the Chrome extension, it will display the details when you allow the app to authorize on data.

First you have to install the chrome extension, once you’ve installed – connect your Facebook profile with App advisor. It takes you to the dashboard where it lists out all the features of App advisor to scan your profile, photos, activities, privacy analysis, profile analysis and network analysis.

Start to scan your account completely. It scans all the profile of your friends, activities, photos tagged, links shared etc. This scanning process is completely done in dashboard. Let it be apart, now once it is completed, you can start using Facebook.

In Facebook, if you try to access any app, the extension will alert you with its reputation. You can see a notification bar displayed on top of your app page before you allow it to authorize your data. You can also click the small icon of extension on the address bar and find out its reputation and details.

Normally, if you want to remove any Facebook app, you can do it easily by going to this link. Facebook App Settings will allow you to remove any app from your Facebook profile and delete all its activity. So always keep an eye on this tab every week.

Now what kind of reputation and details does this App Advisor shows you? It shows what all the data the app collects when you connect this app and grant access to your information. It checks Facebook ID, Name, Gender, Picture, Your Location, Email, Education history, Work history, Hometown, Checkins, Status, Events, Photos and Likes.

Also you can find out whether it will publish actions on your friends profile on your behalf. This comes under app behavior. You can find out whether you may receive emails from this app, Will it send request to your friends after connecting this app etc. Finally you get to see the user rating of the specific application.

This app and its extension is something similar to WOT extension. WOT is Web of Trust extension that shows the reputation and trust ability of any website that you visit. Similar to it, this extension shows the reputation and trust ability of Facebook apps.

Install Chrome ext – App Advisor

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