Program Removal Tool: Wise Program Uninstaller Is an Alternative to Revo Uninstaller


Recently we have been covering some good software to have on your computer. One among them to have is uninstalling programs. The free softwares that you install sometimes mess up with your registries and when you want to uninstall it, you find it difficult. The default way to uninstall a program is using control panel > uninstall programs. But, there are special softwares ‘Uninstallers’ that remove programs without any trace.

Revo uninstaller is the industry leader in best software to uninstall programs. If you’re looking out for alternative free software – Wise Program Uninstaller should be given a try. It offers two methods for uninstalling: Classic mode (“Safe Uninstall”) and forced mode (“Forced Uninstall”).

Why should you use a separate uninstaller program to remove programs? There are more leftover after you uninstall an unwanted program and then the leftover can affect installation of other programs that you will install in future. Wise Uninstaller not only provides you with safe removal, but also allows program to repair the installation.

Some programs you cannot find options to uninstall, so those programs should be forced uninstall using a third party software like Wise Uninstaller. It supports Win 8 and its completely free of charge. It has been combined Safe Uninstall and Forced Uninstall together.

Download Wise Program Uninstaller

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