5 Things to do with your USB Memory Stick


This is the year of cloud services. Almost all your smartphones, Windows PC, applications, softwares, Internet and everything is going towards cloud, cloud storage. Major advantage of cloud storage is, you can retrieve them from anywhere and at any time. Using famous services like Dropbox, Google drive almost made my USB memory stick to turn into a piece of useless plastic lying on the table.

We’re in the era of smartphones and tablets. Most of the time we’re connected to the internet through smartphone or a tablet. But still, I’ve found some useful ways to use my USB memory stick or some may call it Pendrive.

Carry Favorite Portable Apps Everywhere

You can carry your favorite portable apps and software where ever you go. Without having to install on any computer, you can use these apps. So it’s best to put some of your favorite portable apps in your USB flash drive and run without any installation.

Use it as your hard drive

Yes, with Linux you can very well download any free distribution and install it on Live CD or USB. You don’t require any installation on computer. It’s safe and you can take it anywhere – your favorite OS without touching the hard drive of the host machine.

Use it on your Car Sound System

I have kept an 8GB USB memory stick permanently on my car. I have lots of songs and rarely use the FM radios. That’s a perfect replacement for your CD’s.

Lock / Unlock your PC with a USB drive

You can lock your PC with a USB drive when you’re away. Predator is small software that helps you to accomplish this task. Even if your window sessions are opened, you can still lock your computer from unwanted access. If you’re wondering how does it work? Let me explain to you.

You insert your USB drive, run predator software and start working on your windows tabs. When you’re away from PC, simply plug out the USB drive and the computer gets locked. Once it is removed, the keyboard and mouse are disabled and screen darkens. When you return back, just insert the USB drive and there you go! You’ve unlocked it.

I want to hear the 5th one from you. What else you’ve got? Do share your ideas through comments. I have few more uses, but will update when you share your ideas.

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