5 Firefox Addons To Manage Saved Passwords


Do you know the golden rule of the internet? To be secure online. Few days back, I wrote about an extension Privacy Fix that helps you to manage your privacy online on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Today I am going to write another article about security on the Internet. There is a famous quote “Passwords are like your underwear” because, you shouldn’t leave them out where people can see them, you should change them regularly and you shouldn’t loan them out to strangers. I strongly suggest that one should change online passwords for sensitive data’s like bank accounts, PIN numbers, primary email accounts, money transaction accounts etc. So, if you’re going to frequently change passwords, how do you manage them all?

Before we move on to the topic, here are few tips. Do you know what a good password is? Anything combined of letters and numbers like 16 characters.

Never ever try to keep some lame passwords like 123, your pet name, love etc. Do you want to find out the lamest 20 passwords of all time? Zone alarm security software has given us the data of top 20 most common passwords of all time.

As I said above, if you want to create a strong password like 16 characters, here are few tips to create strong passwords that are easy to remember. 16 characters is not a joke. So the password should be hard to break and also easy to remember. Learn from these tips.

There are also tools to create your passwords. Hashapass is a small application that generates secure ultra-strong passwords.

If you’re a hacker like me, here is a trick to find out the passwords stored on any computer. This is simple trick that anyone can easily learn and fool your friends.

So you might have lot of online accounts and having different passwords for the accounts is a clever idea. But managing them is not a joke. One should really save all the passwords for the specific accounts in the txt file or should use save passwords feature in the browser. If you use the latter one, there are few addons to manage them in your Firefox browser. Chrome fans, trust me – the next article is on managing saved passwords in Google chrome.

Instead of noting down in a txt file, you can carry your passwords in your wallet like you do it for Credit cards. Yes, you read it right. Like how you carry your credit cards in your wallet, you can carry your passwords too. Interesting isn’t it? Learn it how.

Here am going to discuss about the best 5 Firefox addons to manage your saved passwords. Some addons offer both free and paid versions. Will let you know which is worth the buy if you’re looking to get one.

Last Pass:

If you say ‘manage saved passwords’ – the next word that comes to my mind is Last Pass. It is one of the industry leaders in security. I would strongly recommend to anyone to manage passwords. It is available on Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet explorer too. Beside from classical recording, you can add notes secured with database Wi-Fi password, credit card information etc. If you’re moving to a new computer, then it would be very easy to setup all your accounts. You can access and manage your data passwords from different computers anywhere and anytime. Ultimately, it allows you to import from other password managers that we’re going to learn below.


Keefox is a password manager for Firefox which is powered by KeePass Password safe. Easy user interface to manage your passwords. Whenever you connect it to the web account, it allows you to save the username and passwords fields. The next time when you enter the website, it automatically saves the username and password in the respective field. Very secure and safe to use. It syncs with the Keep Password Safe desktop software.

RoboForm Lite Password Manager:

It is actually a web form filler combined with a password manager. It completely takes care of password managing and web form filling. It has features such as bookmarks, safe notes, online sync, etc. It encrypts your passwords and can generate random passwords too!


FireWebSSO is a remote password manager for Firefox. All the logins and passwords that you enter are encrypted. You can also store notes and bookmarks in a txt file along with your encrypted passwords in the database. It has Auto detection and auto validation forms and windows authentication from any browser.

Secure Login:

Another simple password manager addon for Firefox. It has got a complete customizable interface.

Bonus : Norton Identity Safe firefox addon thanks for the tip @vigneash

If you’re worried whether your Email account has been hacked? Use this online app to check whether your email account was compromised or not.

Also if you’re dead, this application sends your Facebook account password to your relatives. Cool no ?

Do you use a Firefox extension to manage your passwords? Do let us know through comments.

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