Why I Use Google Apps 2-Step Verification


The Google 2-step verification (double authentication) is available for all accounts for some months now. It adds more security to your accounts from hijackers. Now protect your account with both password and your phone. It significantly increases the security of your emails but also all related services (reader, calendar, etc.) First I found that strong password is much enough to secure accounts, but later I changed my mind.

What is 2-Step Verification and How it works ?

2-Step verification adds a double protected layer to your Google/Gmail accounts. In addition to the password of your account, a random number is requested on the Gmail login window. This means that even an attacker who has stolen your password can not connect to your account. In short, it is as if we add a second password to your email, but it is never the same.

If you often happen to change browsers and different machines to use your Google account, then 2-step verification process is must for you. The process might be little heavy or irritating sometimes as you have to wait for the SMS code and then confirm to login, Although safe.

But if you’re using a smartphone Android/iPhone/Blackberry you can use the Google Authenticator app to receive codes, even if you have no Internet connection or any mobile service. When everything is integrated, double checking becomes completely transparent. The Google Authenticator app can generate codes for multiple accounts from the same smartphone, and this is good news for those who manage multiple accounts Gmail / Google Apps.

If you own a smartphone (android, iOS, blackberry) then the 2-step verification is so easy. For others, it’s slightly a time-consuming task. But you can set to enter the codes, either every time you sign in or only when you sign in from a new device.

Why should you use 2-step Verification ?

2-step verification drastically reduces the chances of having the personal information in your Google account stolen by someone else. Why? Because hackers would have to not only get your password and your username, they’d have to get a hold of your phone.

To start with, Sign in to your Google account and go to this page to configure 2-step verification.

Enter your phone number and select whether you would like to receive codes by text or voice call. Then click Send verification code to receive a code on your phone.

Once verified, check the box that says ‘your home computer is trustable and you don’t have enter the code again’. If you’re using public computer, then don’t check this box.

Finally turn on the 2-step verification to finish the process.

To Configure Google authenticator app, follow this tutorial

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