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Today I got a premium software to giveaway for our readers. I have been annoucing giveaways every two weeks and this is our 6th continous giveaway and still we have lots of paid/premium softwares to giveaway. You can follow our Giveaway tag ( and subscribe to our feeds/email subscription to receive notification about our latest giveaways. Previously I had told you about lot of ways to backup your website. Novice web masters and bloggers always ask how to backup my entire website, backup website files and backup website mysql databases.

Backing up databases is very important. If you don’t, one day or the other it will create a disaster. It is always on a safer side to backup website files and mysql databases. There are online apps to backup WordPress and blogger blogs. Also I had written about Backing up WordPress to Dropbox. If you own tumblr blog, then here is a quick guide to backup Tumblr blog.

How to backup your websites to local pc

It is always safe to backup website files and databases to your local PC. If you’re using FTP, then you can simply use FTP softwares like Filezilla to backup website files to your local PC. If you have technical knowledge, then you can use CPanel to backup your databases using phpMyAdmin. If you’re making any changes to your website, then it is always safer to backup whole website files and databases to your local PC before making playing with the settings.

As told above, Today I had planned to giveaway a software ‘BackupSF Pro’ that allows you to backup your website files and databases to your local PC. If you’re a non-technical person and own a website, here is your chance to grab this software that can backup all files and databases for you.

Before I explain about the software features and how to use it – Let me tell you Why you should back up your website files and databases. Sometimes website crash and all the files which are hosted on the server hard drives may get lost and you cannot recover it back.

Two things that I wanted to tell you :

1. Your website is hosted on a hard drive of the server in the data center of your hosting provider. When the server hard drive crashes and the files are lost, you are completely helpless. Although the hosting provider will perform a recovery option. But not sure that all your files will be recovered.

2. If you think that you take backups via hosting provider control panel ? It is again stored in the hard drive of the server in the data center of your hosting provider. If the hard drive breaks down, the site will disappear along with the backup copies.

What are the chances that your server may get crash ? There are many technical things involved here. Lets talk this in another post. But it is always safer to backup your website files and databases to your local PC. If you think that keeping backup in your Local PC isn’t that safe, then you can always backup it directly to cloud. Services like dropbox, sugarsync are supported in BackupSF Pro software and with one click you can instruct them to upload your backup data to cloud hosting. You need to specify the synchronization folder as the backup storage in BackupSF. This way, as soon as BackupSF creates a backup copy, it will be uploaded to the cloud.

Features of BackupSF Pro :

It does a regular MySql database backup from the DB server to your local computer.
It takes regular file backup using FTP from the server to your local computer.

I just got my review copy installed. You can download trail version from here and you can install it. Once installed, go to options button next to add/edit/remove. You can select register to enter your name and registration license key. Once you’re registered, ready to go !

Click add project to create your backup project by entering a project name and your website URL. Now enter your FTP details. Only if you enter your FTP details, you can backup all the website files to your Local PC. Now select the remote folders for backup. The important folders in your website which keeps updating can be selected and backedup here. If you want only your database to backup, you can skip this step.

The next step is backup mysql databases. Enter your DB details, db username, password, etc. Next is to upload scripts to your root folder. Only with scripts you can backup databases. Because, most of the database servers do not allow remote connection. Click upload scripts to get done with the job.

Finally select the databases and schedule time to backup files to your PC. Specify how regularly your project will be backed up. Note that the default folder for your project backup is located in the My Documents folder.

BackupSF website backup software comes in three variants apart from the free version. The free version permits you to use the software for one week and you can add 5 websites to backup and 5 MySql database.

The Paid versions are BackupSF light, BackupSF Pro and BackupSF Unlimited. As you can guess it from the name the UNlimited version allows you to backup unlimited number of websites and MySql databases. The Light version can backup 2 websites via ftp and 2 MySql databases.

Here are, We’re givingaway the BackupSF Pro version which costs $39 USD that can backup 25 websites via ftp and 25 MySql databases. We have 10 Licenses to Giveaway for our readers. If you want to get one, all you need to do is –

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Winners of Website Backup Software Giveaway :

Many have tweeted and shared the giveaway post on Facebook, but failed to comment their entries here. Only if you comment with your entry, I can send you the license keys to your email IDs. So, for those who had commented below – I have sent the license serial key information to their email ID. For other readers, if you want the license key, do comment below with your email ID.

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