The Future of Google: When Email Marketing and Search Marketing Collide


Caffeine, Panda, Penguin – search engine leviathan Google is always reinventing itself, whether SEO companies like it or not. At the end of the day, the intention of the big G is good – to improve the user experience of the millions of internet users who turn to it when they’re looking for something in the Internet.

Now, every SEO firm should gear up for yet another stage in Google’s ongoing metamorphosis towards becoming the “search engine of the future.” A test phase is now being conducted to integrate Gmail results to the search engine results pages (SERPs). Yes you heard it right. Call it monopoly, but it’s really just good marketing practice of synergy.

What Will Exactly Happen?

Basically, when someone runs a search on Google and he or she has a Gmail account and there is an exact keyword/key word/ search term match somewhere in his or her inbox, it will be displayed on a special space on the right hand side of the search results page. How high would these results be ranked you ask? Well, let’s just say it’s second next to one. Only maps and shopping results trump Gmail results, if and when it gets rolled out to the general public.

Google will disregard keyword density, but for best practices and marketing ethics sake, let’s just say keyword stuffing is still not advisable. It does not matter where the keyword/s appears:

  • Shows in the body several times and in the subject
  • Shows in the sender/from field
  • Shows in the body and not in the subject
  • Shows in the subject once

Whatever permutation the email may have, it does not matter. So if positioning is not a factor and density is not either, what will get you ahead?

Recency is Key to Success

The answer: the newer the higher. As mentioned, Gmail results are situated in a premium search space and stale emails won’t just cut it. Remember, emails will only be considered if they have the exact keyword match and there’s neither semantic scrutiny nor singular/plural considerations are involved. Timing is key.

How to Take Advantage of the Email Marketing and SEO Marketing Synergy

Clearly, if this new development goes into the mainstream, the border between your email marketing team and your partner SEO firm will be blurred. So who takes the lead? It’s all about collaboration and shared leadership:

  • SEO companies know that every effective search optimization campaign starts with a robust keyword research. Know what words or search terms your market is using when searching for products or services related to your business.
  • Penetrate your target market’s Gmail Inbox. Before appearing in results pages, you have to appear first in their inboxes. So, spruce up your squeeze pages or whatever tactic you have in building your email subscriber base.
  • Make an email marketing calendar and stick to the schedule and by schedule it basically means every day. Remember, recency is key to success. Just be sure you have good content to put out there so you won’t be seen as a spammer.

SEO companies have two choices – go with the changes Google implements or get left behind.

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