Monitor Browsing History Of All 4 Web Browsers in One Software for Windows 8


How to check internet search history on computer ? Previously I had written about delete browsing history, temp files in Chrome, Firefox. Also there are extensions that would automatically delete browsing history after specified time in Google chrome. Today I found a useful small piece of software that shows all the browsing history of 4 different browsers in your computer. You can retrieve deleted browsing history.

Browsing History View is a small piece of free software that allows you to view all the browsing history from 4 different web browsers such as Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on your computer. It displays all the information in a single window showing visited URLs, Titles, Time Visit, Number of Visits, web browser and user profile.

You can export the browsing history in a CSV or HTML or XML format. You can also export them using command line without displaying the user interface. You don’t have to install anything on the computer. Just download and run the application. The advanced options allows you to select the date and time period from which you want the browsing histories to be shown. You can filter by date, time, browsers, etc.

You can use Browsing History View to directly view the browsing history of the remote computer. Use the ‘Load history from the specified profiles folder’ option, and then type the profiles folder on the remote computer, for example: \\\c$\users.

Download Browsing History View (direct download link)

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