Kim Dotcom Megabox First Look is Out !


Kim Dotcom who is the founder of Megaupload and recently got arrested by the FBI for the copyright infringement megaupload scandal. But, that’s a old news. Kim new stuff ‘Megabox’ where both artists and listeners to participate in the offer that will shake up the music world.

Megabox is a music platform that will bridge the gap between the music consumer and artists by giving full control over their work with a healthy revenue system. Today Kim Dotcom released a small teaser, first look of Megabox which unveils some of its features.

Kim Dotcom also promised that soon Megabox will launch later this year and many top artists have already signed up. Some of the top artists seen in the Megabox video includes “The Black Keys,” “Rusko,” “Two Fingers” and “”. Not sure whether they had really signed up or a dummy data used in the video.

Behind the scenes of Megabox –

Megabox will provide people with free music and compensate artists with the revenue generated using Megabox, there by it will reduce the music piracy, says Kim Dotcom. This revenue model goes like this – users have to install a small app called Megakey, where it gives users the songs. If you don’t wish to install it, then you can buy the music. The music will be free for users who install the Megakey app.

The tag line for Megabox – Unchaining artists and fans. Below is the Megabox promo video.

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  1. Rohit says:

    So, this guy hasn’t accepted a defeat.
    Actually, I liked the idea of offering free music to world and revenue to artist.
    Still unsure how Megabox will make money then? Only from people without app (which will be low I guess) or just Advertisements.

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