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User guide manuals are very important when you wish to learn about the product. Either your new gadget or any electronic appliances that you buy, will come with a user guide manual. These user guide manuals will teach you through all the information about the product. So, if you have lost your user manual and looking for manuals online ? A website ‘’ helps you to find user manual for any product. It’s a crowd sourced website that helps you save time spent on searching manuals online.

Manuals Guide is a website that offers almost user guide manuals for all the products. I cannot assure that you will find user manuals for all the products. But, database consists of more than 730761 pdf files and becomes bigger every day. Crowd sourcing website, where you can upload user manuals for products. If you have the PDF user manual for any product on your computer, then you can upload them to the website. It just takes 5 minutes and will be helpful for others. This whole website is kind of mutual helping.

If you’ve found the user manual through the website, it allows you to read it direcly online or download it to your computer. You can even share it directly on social networks.

It has user manuals for almost all major mobile/gadget manufacturers such as Acer, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Toshiba, Philips, Toyota, Canon, Yamaha, Pioneer, LG, iPhone manual user guide, etc.

The website is beautifully designed. It understands well about the user experience and displays all the most recent user manual downloads and on the other side it shows all the categories for manual search.

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