Make The Best Use of Your 404 pages By Displaying Missing Children Around The World


I stumbled across a website that allows you to make the most out of your website 404 pages. 404 Not Found Error on a web page indicates that when a user attempts to follow a broken or dead link, then the web page displays 404 error page. Normally most of the websites 404 error page just shows nothing, if you’re interested to use it in a good way – here is a lovely idea. You can highlight the missing children around the world in your 404 page. is a initiative makes it possible to turn the ‘not found pages’ on the World Wide Web – the so called 404 error messages – into missing children messages. The stats says that there are more than 644 million websites worldwide and you can think how much space these error messages occupy.

Missing Children Europe and Child Focus has joined hands to this initiative that lets you (website owners) to embed a small piece of code in your 404 error pages. So, when a user lands on your non-existing blog pages, he will be able to see the missing childrens information worldwide. Every refresh of 404 will show automatically the missing child message.

It will take only few minutes of your time. Just go to, enter your website > It will display the embed code to insert into your 404 pages. You can just copy the code and paste it. Or you can even download a zip file that has 404 html page to host it your web server.

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  1. It would be a great contribution towards such communities. i have installed their codes to utilize my 404 page!

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