Locate the Best Street Food Places in Your City


Street food or mobile restaurant what ever you call it, I love street foods in India. There are numerous services to find local restaurants around your place. But, there is no service to find the best street food around your city. I use foursquare to locate the best local food places. Because, friends on my foursquare create checkin almost all the famous places in my city with photos and reviews. You can also try foursquare, but if you want to locate specific street food places then here is an app.

Street Food Place app allows you to find the best street food places around your city. The app is under production and will launch soon. It comes in both web app and mobile app for Android and iOS platform. It will help you locate the best street food places in your neighbourhood. You can find the best deals, reviews from friends, rate and earn points etc. Its going to be awesome app for foodies.

This app is the must have for people who’re looking to taste different flavors and food from all over the world. In the point of vendors, they can promote their small business easily within social media.

You can visit the web page and sign up. You will be receive notification when they launch the app.

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