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WordPress can also be used as a live blogging platform. I would say is one of the best blog softwares, around 60 million websites in the internet world uses WordPress. Recently I read an article on Forbes magazine about WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. Given the ubiquity of WordPress, why isn’t Mullenweg, a billionaire? Open source rocks ! Let it be apart, now if you own a WordPress blog, then you can easily live blog an event or gadget launch to your blog readers live with instant updates, photos directly from the event now in a much simpler interface.

When you’re covering a fast-paced event say for example – the latest Apple unveiling or any Gadget launch. A full blog post for each individual update is a tough task and what it really matters is, who delivers the news fast among your competitors and that’s what every one needs. All these days you may have used third party tools and apps for live blogging. If your blog is using WordPress software, then here is a official Live blog WordPress plugin from the team.

WordPress Live blog plugin allows you to post updates right from the front-end of your website. You don’t have to use the wp-admin dasboard. It works this way to all your authors and editors who’re covering the event live. Not only text update, you can simply drag and drop an image to update the post along with the text. This is the working part for the editors/authors who’re live blogging the event.

For the readers and visitors of the live blog, they get new entries served to them instantly and automatically without needing to refresh the browser everytime to check the update. There’s no need for a separate site dedicated to liveblogging: every post can be a liveblog, even existing ones. With a simple one check, you can turn your wordpress post into a live blog. Let’s learn how :

I had made a couple of screenshots for your better understanding. I opened up my WordPress dashboard, created a new post and checked in the option > live blog. That’s it. With a welcome message I published the blog post. Then, go to the front end interface ie; the blog post view and you could see the options to update the post event live from there. You can either update with a text or images. Images can be uploaded just by a drag and drop.

Below are few screenshots, for your better understanding –

1. This is how it looks for publishers / editors / authors

2. This is how it will look to the readers/viewers.

WordPress Liveblog Plugin

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  1. Good stuff

  2. That’s a great plugin, thanks for sharing. I was always motivated by how Engadget and TheVerge displays live blogging. This plugin will be really useful for live blogging during main events. :)

  3. This is a useful plugin and is used by many popular blogs. Thanks for sharing.

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