How to Create Twitter SMS Alert with IFTTT


IFTTT is a simple task scheduler. IFTTT means IF This Then That. (If) you want to automate a task(this) (then) trigger the action(that). Previously we had covered lot of IFTTT recipes to automate web tasks such as sending Instagram pics to WordPress blogs, Upload Facebook photos to dropbox automatically and many more. If you follow our IFTTT tag, you can learn more. When you go to iFTTT there are alot of templates which are ready to use.

You can also create your own recipe. Today we are going to learn about create ifttt recipe for receiving Twitter SMS alert when some one you follow tweets or some one mentions you on twitter etc.

Let’s get started with – IF THIS THEN THAT.

First we are going to activate two channels that are important for our recipe to work.

1. Twitter channel
2. SMS channel.

Only when we connect these two things, we can trigger. IF This(Twitter) Then That (SMS)

Once you’ve signed in to IFTTT, follow this link to create your own recipe. If you’re a new member, sign up for free and start creating a new recipe.

Choose the trigger channel – Twitter.

Activate twitter channel by allowing it to authorize with your twitter account. Then, continue to next step by choosing your trigger.

Now here comes the main part – Your trigger. What you want to trigger ? There are lot of triggers. If some one follows you, when you send a new tweet, favorite tweet, new direct message, new tweet by a specific user, new tweet from a search, hashtag etc.

Here I am going to use the trigger when a New tweet from specific user.

Enter the twitter user name to watch and create the trigger.

The next part is “That”. The action side of the trigger. When you trigger this, what you want to happen ? We would now activate the SMS channel. So that when the trigger performs, it creates an action to Send SMS when a new tweet by a specific user.

Activate the SMS channel. Click the That and select SMS to activate.

Enter 00 , your country code, mobile number. For Indian users it will be example: 00919876543210

You will receive an SMS from IFTTT with the PIN. enter the PIN and activate the channel.

Finally select the Action. ” Send me an SMS when specific user sends out a new tweet everytime ”

You can select the SMS format that you would receive.

Once the recipe is created, it is checked once every 15 minutes.

You can also share this recipe which you created with others. So other people on IFTTT can use the recipe.

Similarly you can create lot of IFTTT recipes for new GMail notification as SMS, Weather updates to SMS etc.

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