Setup Quick Disposable Web pages Without Buying Web Hosting


To setup a website whether personal or for promoting events, one need to have a web hosting to host the files of websites. Website is nothing but a bunch of web pages. So where do you host them ? Obviously you need a web hosting. Lets assume this scenario – You need to promote an event which needs a simple website for a particular period of time. Once the event gets over, you don’t need the web page any more. To setup a temporary web page that holds all the event information, here is a quick way.

Disposable Web pages is an amazing concept. I always use disposable email ids to avail offers and freebies that requires our email ids. These disposable email ids will lasts for 10 minutes. Similarly, you can setup disposable web pages. Temporary web pages can be created and it will lasts for a period of 90 days.

Each disposable webpage has a count down clock. You can set this clock to count down anywhere from 90 days to 0 days from the time the page is created. When the remaining time reaches 00:00:00:00, the page is automatically set for disposal and will exist for 2 more weeks before it gets incinerated.

To start with, go to Disposable Webpage and enter the page title, count down time, content of the webpage. You will be given the master key which lets you to edit the disposable page. If you want to work in real-time collaboration with your friends, you can set up a editor key where your friends can access and edit the disposable web page.

You can see the history of revisions from the first edit to the current edition. All the edits are done under rich text editor. It allows you to upload of upto 5 photos. What you need to make sure is, once you’ve created the disposable page – you will be provided with a master key. Don’t lose the master key. Set the disposal time

Check the below image. If some one tries to edit the page, without master key they cannot do it. So, once you’ve got the master key. Bookmark the page for editing later. You can also send your master key to your email (if you don’t remember it some time later).

These days, people use Facebook as a primary platform to host the event details. But anyway, if you’re looking out to setup a temporary web page, then it should help.

If you don’t want a temporary page – You can create your own personal website using Google sites. I have written an Ultimate Guide to Build Your Own Website with Google Sites.

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