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Are you’re looking for the best site monitoring system that can notify you when your websites are down ? Previously, I had written alot of site monitoring services that informs you via email, twitter DM when your websites are down. These services keep a clean watch on your server and site performance. If you consider Pingdom tool, it sends you information on both server monitoring and site performance monitoring. It emails you weekly about the performance reports and emails/tweets about downtime when your servers go offline.

Server Beep is a free site monitoring service that monitors your websites every 5-10 minutes. If something goes wrong, it sends you email notification. Every webmaster should use this service. Because, it tracks your website hosting reliability. Small business companies and bloggers should get notified when their website is down, so that they can fix it quickly. No one will prefer to lose customers(small business) and money (bloggers) due to website downtime.

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On the past, I wrote about similar site monitoring services and site monitoring softwares. If you want real time updates, then read about site monitoring iphone app. You can even get site monitoring sms alert when your website is down.

Server beep is a site downtime monitoring service which is free and allows you to add upto 10 websites per account. It can monitor websites, mail, MySQL, SSH, FTP checks.

All you need to do is enter your email ID, website address and time zone. Click instant start and it starts monitoring your website server.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Agree 100% on importance of website monitoring – before I started using a service I was on holiday for a week and didn’t realise the problem until I came back. That was 6 months ago and my traffic still hasn’t recovered.

    I’d also recommend – They offer free monitoring every 5 mins. Alerts are sent via email, Twitter, Skype, SMS text message and also push notifications for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Blackberry.

    Most of all though I love how you can monitor unlimited sites. Great for webmasters like me who have more than a few websites to try and keep track of! :)

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