Awesome Desktop Screenshot Tool : Freeware Screen Capture for Windows


I have used many best screen capture prorgrams like snagit, snapit, Zscreen for windows and more. Recently I stumbled upon a free software that can copy computer screen, screen capture software attached with many small utilities. This small freeware has a beautiful interface like Windows 8.

iWesoft Free Screenshot Capture is a software that helps you to make screenshots of your entire screen, a window or your webcam. It can also pick up a color screen and provides tools to annotate your captures (text, arrows, highlighting, etc.). It also includes a protractor, a ruler and a magnifying glass.

The download file size is small 5MB and once you’ve installed it – you can see the wizard in a metro style interface with 6 items.

Screen Capture – when you hit the print screen button, it captures specified area in your desktop screen.

Delay Capture – You can set time delay to capture the screen

Full Screen Capture – You can capture full desktop screen.

Webcam Capture – It can capture screens from your web cam.

Protractor – It has a in-built screen protractor that allows you to easily measure any angle on the screen.

Color Picker – Move the mouse and point at any color on the screen to capture the RGB, color codes.

Ruler & Magnifier – It also has a ruler and magnifier tools.

Brightness – You can increase the screen brightness.

The screen capture has one more element where you can capture specific area on the screen in a round shape. Apart from the rectangle size screen capture, you can drag mouse and create a ellipse screen capture. While you have captured, it shows editing tools to point arrows, draw lines, write text, blur text/image and finally save it to PC, send directly to email etc.

The screen capture images can be saved in PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF.

If you’re using Google chrome, learn the Best Screenshot Chrome extensions and For Firefox users, you can try these Firefox screenshot plugins.

You can also send instant screenshot capture to dropbox.

Download Free Screen Capture tool

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