Android WiFi Fixer : Prevent Android Phone WiFi Connectivity Problems


Your android phone not connecting to wifi ? losing wireless internet connection in your android device ? As you all know, you can use your android phone as a wireless hotspot. With just a single tap you can connect wifi on android phones. But the problem is, once you’ve connected when the screen turns off or if you enable automatic lock, once the screen is off your wifi connectivity is lost. It commonly happens with many low end android smartphones. So here is a quick fix to wifi sleep problems.

If you had experienced similar issues in your android phone, then you can use this app that forces wifi to stay connected when the screen is turned off and should work on all devices (phone or tablet).

Advanced Wifi Lock is a free android app that stops wifi disconnecting when screen is turned off. Also this app is useful for android phones that don’t face similar issues. Suppose if you go out of Wifi range, the app recognizes it and disables the wifi. By which you save lot of battery power. It also has optional timeout so you don’t accidentally leave the phone awake for too long.

Even if you close this app, it works in the background. It uses a wake-lock to prevent the phone from sleeping. Exclude this app if you’re using any automatic task killers.

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