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This post is purely for Android users. I stumbled upon a website that can help you find alternative free apps to paid apps. Sometimes I have to agree that paid apps are worth every penny you spend. Because, it unlocks the full potential and lot of features will be added in paid apps. But, normal android users who are not able to buy paid apps, this website will help them to find a good alternative free apps.

Similar to Google android app store, this website is designed to show free alternatives to the paid apps. It doesn’t display all the useless apps as alternative ones. It shows the hand picked best free apps to the paid apps. The idea is unique and really useful for droid users.

Antiroid (anti-droid) tag line is ‘Stop paying for android apps’ – Find alternative Free apps for paid apps. Again as I said, paid apps will have the quality and ultimate features, but if you find an alternative free app to your requirement why would you pay ? Finding the best alternative free app is the tough task. This website makes it easier.

The site is user friendly and designed with two columns. Left with the categories such as games, applications > sub categories including business, education, lifestyle, media, news & magazines, sports, social etc. So you need to just browse the categories. In each category, again the column is divided into two. Left side with the paid apps and right side pointing to the best alternative free apps.

Ultimately Antiroid helps you to save some money !

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