5 Interesting Chrome Extensions You Aren’t Using


Chrome has held a special place in the recent months and its always my favorite browser. Google has managed to bring in chrome first place with its chrome app store that has lot of useful extensions and apps. On the past, I had written about lot of chrome extensions for shopping, Youtube experience, Screenshot chrome plugins, Productivity extensions, for web designers and more. Today I have compiled a list of interesting new chrome extensions that you should try.

1. Omni Focus :

Omni focus is a quick to-do task manager that can quickly capture your thoughts and allows you to store, manage and process them into actionable items. You can organize and sync them across devices. The chrome extension adds a small icon that will send your current page and the specific text that you have selected. You can try Send to OmniFocus here.

2. Pinterest Right Click :

Submitting the web content such as images/videos to pinterest is now made easy. With right click, you can send any image or a video to Pinterest. You don’t have to visit the pinterest website everytime to pin your favorite content from the web. Instead, on your right click context menu, send them to pinterest. Right click on any image or YouTube video to send it to pinterest. You can use ‘Pinterest Right click‘ chrome extension.

3. YouTube Feed :

Similar to Google reader feed chrome plugin that notifies with latest news feeds, this Youtube feed chrome extension updates with the notifications of latest Youtube uploads from your subscriptions. It shows all your subscriptions activity such as uploads, likes, comments, favorited etc. You receive instant notification whenever new content is available. The options in the plugin helps you to filter out which types of content you would like to receive notification. Try this extension from the chrome app store.

4. WikiPedia Smart Links :

The internal links in Wikipedia will be much helpful when you study about the current subject. Without this extension, you need to open the internal links on the page in a new window or new tab. For instant preview, this extension is very helpful. It shows a instant preview about the page when you hover mouse over the internal links. This means that when you’re reading an article and want more information from a referenced link, you can quickly get the information you need without diverting your attention from the primary topic at hand. Use WikiPedia Smart links – a must have one !

5. Free Stock Photo Search :

This chrome extension comes handy for people who use image search extensively. This plugin has in-built search option for more than 200 sources of free stock photos and other free images which comes to total of half a billion images. You can select specific image search sites in the drop-down option from the plugin. It has popular sources like flickr, wikimedia commons, SXC.hu and many other free public domain sources. Try out this plugin from chrome app store.

Bonus : Title Time tracker : Find the amount of time you spend on each website. Install this plugin and it shows you the exact time spent on a web page. This helps you in controlling how much time you spend on a page. Install from chrome app store.

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