Tweak Windows7 Games, Unlock Special Cheat Codes


Door2Windows has released a new tool ‘Windows Games Tweaker for Windows 7 and Vista’ that lets you to unlock special options in Windows default games. This freeware allows you to unlock secret debug menu, change apperances in Windows7 and Windows Vista games.

Windows Games Tweaker for Windows7 and Vista allows you to unlock some special features in default Windows games such as Chess, Solitaire, Minesweeper, Freecell, hearts and so on.

Just download the freeware tool, unzip and open it. Double click the file ( you don’t have to install ) and the interface opens up. Now select the games and click Enable.

You need to restart your PC to make the changes work properly.

Once you’ve restarted, open the game and you can find the special options unlocked.

Below is the screenshot before unlock (left) and after unlock (right)

Also the special debug menu is also unlocked.

Download Windows Games Tweaker

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