Show Date, Time, Weather Information When Chrome Opening New Windows


In Google chrome you can personalize your home page as well the new tab page. When ever you open a new window, you can set it to open a new blank tab or your home page. On the past, I had written alot of incredible new tab start pages for Google chrome.

Normally in the new tab of Google chrome, it shows the thumbnail of most visited websites. If you would like a change, you can set the new tab page to display the Date, Time, Weather information in a cool interface.

Currently is a simple extension that replaces your “New Tab” screen with a new one that shows you the current time and the weather. This simple idea is expressed with a minimal design aesthetic that focuses entirely on the content.

In the options, you can set the weather to show in celsius or fahrenhiet, also options to show the time format, animation and weather location to show.

At the bottom right of the page you have two buttons that let you access the configuration options and access to your most visited pages.
Also learn how to set Metro Style new tab page for Google chrome.

You can download Currently chrome extension from chrome store.

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