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Previously I had written about Screenshot apps and desktop applications for recording desktop screen. Today I found a useful tool that allows you to share your screen live inside Gmail interface. You can share your desktop screen in Google email or Gmail chat. This app is most useful when troubleshooting computer remotely. Teaching some non-techie guy or showing how to make the task simple to your parents, you can do it using remote desktop softwares like teamviewer etc. Without installing any software, no signup, no registration, now you can share your screen to any one inside Gmail interface with Screenleap app.

Screenleap app allows you to instantly share your desktop screen to any device with a browser. All you need is to allow Screenleap to show your desktop screen to other user. Just hit the, make sure you have java app installed in your computer. Screenleap uses java application, allow it to run in your browser. Once done, it shows a unique URL that you can share with anyone. If the other person opens the unique URL, he/she can see your desktop screen and the mouse activities that you do. It is useful when you want to teach old people about simple things on the internet.

It provides a hassle free viewing. View from any PC, tablet, or smartphone with a web browser. No software to download or install. You can invite many people as you like to view your computer screen. Unlimited people can see your computer screen at a time.

What’s more special is that, it provides a simple extension for browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox. So that you can troubleshoot or teach the other end people by simply sharing your screen at one click. In Gmail interface, it shows a Screenleap button – with one click you allow your desktop screen to share with people whom you like.

Similarly, with Gmail chat window. Next to Call, Send files in gmail chat window, you can see the Screenleap button. With a single click you invite the people to view your computer screen.

You can show the entire desktop screen or particular area with a rectangle shape. If you don’t to share your entire screen, you can select a particular rectangle area and show them. You can also pause or stop sight when you’re done. Screenleap is without doubt one of the most simple and quick to share your desktop.

Screenleap app has been there for a long time, but their new feature of integrating inside Gmail interface is awesome. It makes the work much easier. Now the new feature with Gmail extension for allowing you to display your desktop screen from the Gmail interface with Google contacts.

Once installed, you can see a button ‘Share screen’ inside Gmail compose interface that will automatically create a new message when you want to share your desktop, simply invite your contacts and send it to be accessible to your session. If the contact is using GMail too, then you can invite them directly through Gtalk.

Screen sharing through gmail – Screenleap

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