Share Bookmarks Across Computers with Favsync (Synchronize Favorites)


On the past I had written alot of tutorials on synchronizing bookmarks between computers and currently the web provides you with so many tools to sync your bookmarks across computers on the cloud. These are all for someone who is a beginner, if you’re a advanced user – then you should try tools with more features, options and customizable to your needs. Chrome browser supports bookmark sync across computers and all your bookmarks are stored in cloud. If you looking for more functionality than your browser favorites and it’s all in one place – try

FavSync allows you to personalize your own homepage, with your own favorites, search engine and other necessary components. It can be used by beginners to power users, for personal use and for office use. Everything is syncd online and no need to backup. You can share your favorites easily with unlimtied friends. If a group is shared with friends, then it will be automatically sync across all the group members.

Favsync can be used two in one. Yes, it can be used as your favorites manager and also as personal home page. No longer using Google as your homepage, then set Favsync as your customized personal homepage to show all the contents. You can organize and visualize the way you like for efficient working without hitting the browser bookmark manager.

With it’s Favsync chrome extension, you can import bookmarks to your favsync page. Currently, Favsync is on beta stage. Only with the invitation code, you can login and use Favsync. So, if you want to try out Favsync service, here is the invitation code – favsync123. Copy paste the invitation code, signup and login to your favsync account.

You can add different tabs to your favsync page. for example : Work, Personal, Sports etc. In each tab, you can add elements (favorites) etc. The tab can be set to public, private and encrypted. If you set the tab to public, you can give direct access to the tab to anyone (even not FavSync users), by sending them the URL to the tab. You can also password protect tab for sensitive links. Every time you will try to access the tab, it will prompt for the password.

When adding links to the categories, you can set the shortcut keys to open it quickly. You add a new tab called Personal > then you add a category called ‘My websites’ > then you name the title, enter the URL and in shortcut column, enter the keyboard shortcuts. It can be anything, for example – Ctrl+R to open your websites. If you click – allow searchable, you can search the website without leaving favsync page.

The usage statistics option in favsync shows the most visited categories, links and hours of activity, access times per day and most visited sites. Their links library has the best list of useful links that can be bookmarked. It has categorized them into International and National.

Try out personalized FavSync page and let us know your thoughts through comments. For best use, set FavSync as your homepage and access everything you need within clicks.

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  1. Tom Bunniers says:

    Thanks for this article! It’s my favorite bookmarks manager and btw, layout now is much better than on the screenshots :)

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