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Already we had discussed alot of IFTTT recipes. Wondering what is ifttt ? “if this then that” is a simple task scheduler for online applications. For example : If a photo is uploaded to Flickr (THIS) then a link to it will also be sent out as a tweet (THAT). So when you put a trigger (THIS) together with an action (THAT) you get a completed task.

To learn about more ifttt recipes like backup tweets to dropbox, upload Facebook photos to dropbox automatically etc. You can also learn more ifttt recipes via IFTTT tag. Talking about Instagram, one of the popular photo manipulation app for iPhone, Android. Lot of users, millions of photos are instagramed a day and now have you ever thought of backing up your instagram photos ? If not, here is a quick guide to backup instagram photos.

There are lot of apps to share instagram photos to foursquare, automatically it shares on facebook, twitter etc. If you’re a food blogger or travel blogger, then you can share your food/travel photos which are instagrammed on your blog. All you need to have is a blog on Blogger blogspot or With the simple ifttt recipe, you can share your Instagram photos to blogspot or

Before we talk about this ifttt recipe, let’s find out other ways by which you can accomplish this task. The one way is, you need to manually handle by copying the instagram pic URL and paste it down to your blogspot blog or blog. Handling manually is a boring and time consuming task, we must find a way to make it automatic, so Instagramming a photo will now quickly share to Blogspot blog/WordPress and also automatically share it on your social networks.

This ifttt recipe will allow you to post Instagram photos to Blogger blogspot. First I will show you how to automate the process.

1. First create a ifttt account. Sign up with your email id for free.

2. Then go to this ifttt recipe link –

3. The above mentioned recipe link will allow you to Post all your Instagram photos to Blogger

4. Now to use the recipe, you need to authorize both your Instagram and Blogger accounts.

5. That’s done, you need to set the action.

6. Action will include the Title of the blogpost, Photo URl, and caption etc. By default it is filled with proper settings.

7. Finally click the Use recipe and there you go !

Once everything is done, click a instagram photo and see whether it is shared as a new blog post in your blogger blogspot blog.

For blogs, use this Recipe link – Follow the same steps that includes verifing profiles, setting up the action etc.

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  1. bryanna says:

    OMG thank you!!!!!! I’ve been trying to back up my instagram pics to a blog. this worked perfectly!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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