Search YouTube Videos by Location : Find Videos Recorded Near Your Area


These days digital camera has a in-built feature for geo-tagging your photos. Even smartphones comes with it, so you can geo-tag your photos and videos. Sometimes you don’t realize these options and it gets implemented by default settings. Today found a little app that can find YouTube videos based on geo-location. If the videos are geo-tagged and uploaded on YouTube, then you can find them using this small app.

YouTube Videos Near Me is a small app that lets you find videos recorded anywhere near you. The platform provides the ability to make a video with your location and this allows people to know where you made a video. Taking advantage of this feature, this small app shows videos near our location. You can also find videos near any location just by moving the pointers in Google map.

To get started, drag the red marker and place it anywhere on the Google Map. Use the zoom control on the map to move closer to an area for more accurate results. It computes the latitude and longitude of the point under the marker and then uses the YouTube database to find geo-tagged videos that are within a 2 mile radius of that point.

Based on the location, the videos are displayed with tht title, description and thumbnail. Once you find the videos, click on the link to open the YouTube video inside the window. It is an incredibly quick and easy way to find videos in your area.

YouTube Videos Near Me

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