Save Gmail Attachments directly to Google Drive


We had already seen save Gmail to hard drive and attachments including docs, pdf can be directly saved to your Google docs. But if you receive large Gmail attachments like audio files, images etc. Instead of storing it in your hard drive, you can directly save them in your Google Gdrive. Gdrive now merged with your Google docs, so all your files are syncd in one place.

Few days back I remember discussing about gmail storage and how to download photos from Gmail to computer. Gmail provides 10GB of storage to everyone. But if you keep large attachments like photos in your Gmail, then storage space will soon be over. To avoid that, you can use a software to download all your photos from Gmail to PC in one click.

If you’re not comfortable storing them in your PC hard drive, then you can directly send them to cloud storage like dropbox or GDrive. GDrive is the new online storage service from Google. It has been rumored since 2007 and finally was launched few months back. If you’ve used dropbox, its something similar to it. Once you’ve installed a small software Gdrive in your PC, everything you put inside a folder in your PC will get syncd online in your Gdrive account. and vice versa.

It’s Simple. Install the GDrive on your computer or mobile device. Throw your files in Google drive and there you go ! Change a file on the web, on your computer, or on your mobile device and it updates on every device where you’ve installed Google Drive. Share, collaborate, or work alone. You get 5 GB from the start, and you can upgrade to get more space at any time.

So, I hope you now get a clear understanding of Google drive, you can learn more about it here.

As the title says ‘Save Gmail attachments directly to Google drive’, with the help of chrome extension Gmail attachments to drive. Whenever there is an email with an attachment, you have the option “Save to drive” that appears. This is roughly the same as downloading except that in this case, the document will instantly disk.

Normally an Gmail attachment can be downloaded to computer or open direcly via Google docs. If it is a doc, ppt, excel spreadsheet you can save it directly to your docs. What if its image or audio files. You need to download to PC and then sync with your cloud storage. Now, avoid that one extra step and directly save it to your Google drive cloud storage.

When you press “Save to Drive”, the file will be automatically saved at the root of GDrive. There is no option to store it in a directory defined. If you go to drive you will see the downloaded file (if you sort files in descending order of last modification).

Install Gmail Attachments to Drive Extension

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  1. Google Drive is very useful for me as i handle many office files on my laptop, i cant carry laptop with me all the time so i just save the documents to google drive and access them from home, edit it and its ready available at office next morning. The Gmail attachments to drive chrome extension makes the task of transferring files to GDrive a lot easier.

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