Play Google Hurdle Doodle with GamePad Controller


Google’s home page daily shows a Olympic doodle in respect for London Olympics 2012. Today’s doodle is for the game hurdles where you can actually play them using keyboard arrow keys. If you think that the only way to play the game is using keyboard arrow keys, then you’re wrong. If you want to be different, gaming pro, then for you, the games begin and end with a gamepad in your hands.

How to play London 2012 hurdles doodle ?

Go to this link that allows you to play the doodle anytime. At the time of writing this post, you can play the game in your Google’s home page, but later you can use the above link to play the game.

To play the game, you need to use your keyboard arrow keys. Use your keyboard left arrow, right arrow keys to run faster.

To jump the hurdle, use the space bar.

Now, how to play the doodle using your gamepad controller ? Can browser based games be played with the gamepad controllers ? The new version of Google Chrome adds support for controllers. That is, the computer connected game controller for controlling browser games can be used. Google Doodle can in fact not only controlled by the keyboard, but also with a computer connected to controller.

This method is tested and works actually. Macbook connected to the PS3 controller works like a charm. To know more about the technical details, read the post here.

It says ” The brand new Gamepad API comes to the rescue, allowing you to use JavaScript to read the state of any gamepad controller attached to your computer with the latest version of Google chrome v21. ” It works on special builds of Firefox with Gamepad API support.

Learn about how they added the Gamepad API to the Google doodle – Technical read here.

Try playing with your Gamepad and let us know whether it works perfectly !

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