Open RSS Feed URL Within Google Reader


Many times while reading website feeds in Google reader, you will find that many items are short and can be read fully only when you hit and open in the website page in new tab. If the website owner allows the feeds in full form, then you can read the article fully inside your Google reader, but some website owners only allow partial feeds to be displayed and they want the readers to click the link and open the news article in new tab to read fully.

To avoid this, lazy people like me use a simple chrome extension that allows you to read all partial feed items fully within Google reader interface.

Inline Google Reader , a browser extension for Google Chrome that allows us to open the URL in the Google Reader interface. Once installed the extension, on the left of each title is a new magnifying glass icon, click on this icon and the original article will open in a popup window interface Google Reader.

Love this extension and its one of my favorite too. Love to read articles inside Google reader which shows only partial feeds.

Install Inline Google reader extension

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