Online Twitter Roulette : Choose a Random Tweet for Contest Winners


If you run a contest on twitter where you have to select a winner from the tweeps who had tweeted the contest message with a @username or RT or #hashtag. Based on any of these three queries, you can draw winners from the tweets. Generally if you announce a contest and the entry to contest is to tweet about it, then finally selecting a winner will be tough task. Because, you need to find all the tweets, no duplicates and from the tweets you have to extract the usernames and using you have to select a winner.

To avoid all these steps, a simple tool ‘Twitter Roulette’ going to choose a random tweet via a specific query. The familiar signs such as #, @, RT will be comfortable in this type of application. Suppose, if your contest rules go by tweeting a message with specific #hashtag or @usernames, then once contest gets over, you can select the winners by entering the #hashtag or @, RT.

In 3 steps you can lucky draw the winners –

1. Type the hashtag, mention or retweet your contestants were meant to tweet.

2. Press the “go” button and wait until the tool randomly picks a winner.

3. Generate a link to publicize the sweepstake winner. Repeat the steps as many times as you want.

I just tried out with #madrasday and among 138 tweets, it showed me a random winner. Check the screenshot below

Try Twitter Roulette ! No sign up. No bureaucracy.

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