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No other file sharing service is great as Dropbox, but if you’re looking out for an alternative for sharing large files upto 2 GB in email, then I had written about services like Forgetbox, Files over miles, Fyels that allows you to share large files upto 9GB. The sharing large files can be of any type such as Mp3 audio, documents, photos etc. If you want specialized app in sending large photos that can’t be attached inside Gmail (20MB space), here is a service that quickly shares large photos.

If you find photos too large to email, looking out for best photo share method (photo file hosting). Today I found a app called ‘PicsToCloud’, a service from Sizeable Send that helps you to share large photos easily.

PicsToCloud is a web service that allows you to share large pictures that are too big to email and want them to share photos with your family privately. There are lot of similar services on the web, adding to it you have social media networks like Facebook to share your pictures. Most of them are not in favor of social network because of privacy issues. If you’re looking for a simple service, without registering or any signup process – go to

It works easily, just by a simple drag and drop you upload your large photos to share with family and friends in a few steps to facilitate access and downloading them via a URL, thus avoiding the tedious task of attaching images to e-mail.

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Using is very easy. You need to drag and drop the selected photos to the interface and wait to load on the servers. There you go ! You get the unique URL to share the pictures with your friends and family privately. You can save it to your hard drive, email, print or delete the gallery once it is downloaded.

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  1. Stephane says:

    Personally, I use ForgetBox to attach big files to Gmail.
    They provide a button directly onto Gmail’s web interface.

    You should really mention they have _no_ limit of size at all. They’re the only ones doing that.

    Focusing only on pictures sharing only like PicsToCloud seems so reductive to me…

  2. Lee Ysing says:

    It is possible to send the file over Internet without uploading them anywhere by using a tool called Binfer. Binfer can send large files directly from computer to computer without requiring one to upload them first. Thanks for the information.

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