Lock Android Apps That I Don’t Want Others to Open


Generally on Android phones you have keylock which can be protected by a password or pattern. The main advantage is that, other than you anyone cannot unlock your phone. But once they’ve unlocked it, they can open your SMS, photo gallery or any other apps. If you want to lock certain specific apps on your android phone, you can do it using this app.

Many times we don’t want some applications to be opened by our friends or relatives whoever is grabbing your phone. App lock is an android app that provides privacy to your android applications. It can password protect any android application.

Not only apps, the native settings and SMS can also be password protected. The best part of this application is that, it is very easy to setup. No difficult operations are required. Simply install, choose the apps that you need to password protect, select them, set the password and there you go !

At the first time after you’ve installed the app, set a password, security question and start locking apps.

You can lock apps – General and Advanced tab. The general tab contains all the apps installed on your phone. The advanced tab contains locking Google Play store, incoming calls, Lock to prevent installing or uninstalling applications. So totally you can control your phone.

There are two types of password protection. One is number lock (setting up password in numbers), The next one is protecting using Pattern. Only if you draw pattern, you can unlock the app.

I tried to lock an app called ‘Conmigo expense manager app’, when I tried to open it – you get the screen to unlock. View the screenshot below :

Download App Lock from play store.

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