Instagram Addicts, Group Your Instagram Pics in a Calendar Format


This Japanese web app is specially for Instagram addicts. According to me, most of the Instagram addicts use the Instagram app for taking food pics and objects. On the past I had written alot about Instagram related apps including making fridge magnets with instagram pics, printing instagram pics on t-shirts, postcards etc. Browsing Instagram pics on web has been made easy with Extragram app. But for addicts who would love to save Instagram pics a day of memories, this simple app can display all the instagram photos in a calendar format.

365gram is a web app that displays your Instagram pics in a calendar format. 1 gram/365 or Instagram pic a day to save memories in a souvenir photo album or kind of diary, notebook. The problem with instagram is the timeline should be able to access the pictures we made a year ago. But, unfortunately you don’t have easy access.

If you can use our ifttt recipe to publish Instagram photos to Blogspot/, then you can easily access your previous Instagram pics. No problem after – you can group instagram photos in a calendar format. If you take Instagram pic daily, then the calendar will look visually beautiful. If you miss a day, a empty white space is visible.

All you need to do is, just sign in with your instagram account, it organizes your instagram pics in a calendar format. It gives you a unique URL, a profile link to show it friends and relatives. You can link the profile anywhere, so people can browse your instagram photos as per date and month.


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  1. madmadrasi says:

    I’m on Pinterest. Any app for Piin?

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